What is an escape room?





Hello, if you are reading this I am assuming you have never played an escape room before. If that’s the case, then welcome to the the immersive world of real life escape rooms! Let us guide you in this introduction to what escape rooms are by nature, and how Imagine Escape Games is different than the rest of the escape rooms in the Tampa area!

From the title of “escape room” most people probably have the vague understanding of “okay, there’s a room and you escape it. What does that mean?” Basically an escape room is either one large room, or multiple rooms, filled with logic puzzles, visual puzzles, codes and locks. Your task in an escape room is to find the correct solution to any number of puzzles, working towards the larger goal of escaping the scenario you are in, all within the timeframe of one hour! For some rooms that means curing the zombie plague, for others it’s getting off an island by using a radio to call in for help. The overall goal is usually different for each escape room, and there is a huge number of different puzzles you could come across in your travels!

With that concept explained, what makes Imagine Escape Games different? Well aside from our bustling creativity, imaginative rooms, and world class staff! It’s pretty simple. We build everything in the rooms by hand, from the start of a room scenario to the final screw going into a piece of wood, we make it all. Aside from that, we also have one overarching story for all four of our rooms! You start off trying to find out what happened to a friend, Neil Savage, and work your way towards helping him find certain items throughout the rooms.
To escape our rooms, you must usually find a specific item and bring it out of the Game Masters Legacy and back into the real world.

The other thing that sets us apart from the rest of the escape rooms in Tampa is how many awards we’ve won based on the sheer quality of our rooms! We are rated #3 in the nation by Escape Authority, as well as winning this years “Best Small Business” key from the same company! That doesn’t just count for Tampa either, that’s across the entire US! Lastly every one of our rooms is rated 5 out of 5, just like our company is on google reviews with nearly 800 reviews!

With all this in mind, why not take a chance and stop by to try one of our rooms? Release your inner hero in The Alleyway Vigilantes, or go on an exploratory mission in Jungle Gem! Brave the most ferocious creatures in the sea in reSEArch, or become masters of magic in DreamWeaver! No matter the room you pick, we promise you that you won’t regret it!