There’s nothing a player can do to make a room “more fun” than it was designed to be. If you’re not enjoying the adventure, chances are it isn’t you; it’s the room.

While there are many top-notch, stellar escape rooms across the country, there are also some not-so-great escape rooms too. Just because two venues offer escape games for similar prices, doesn’t mean they’ll provide similar experiences. “$30 dollars can get you into a really bad game or a really good game,” says Mike Linquist, the co-owner of Imagine Escape Games.

So what exactly can you expect from a high-quality escape room vs. a poor-quality escape room?

The main elements of an escape room are puzzle design, scenic design, and the overall “feel” or “flow” of the room. In a high-quality escape room, each element complements the other, immersing players in the story-world.

High-quality escape rooms have compelling storylines where the puzzles are thoughtfully incorporated into the flow. Low-quality rooms have locks and puzzles galore, but they seem random or unrelated to the story. The details throughout a great escape room should immerse you in the story, making for a memorable adventure with your family, friends, or co-workers.

escape room dreamweaver at imagine escape games two players solving alchemy puzzle

Low-quality rooms often include red herrings –elements placed in the room purely to distract players and waste their time. The owners of high-quality escape rooms avoid intentionally frustrating players and consider customer satisfaction a top priority.

Well-designed rooms are “unbreakable,” meaning there’s nothing a player can do to compromise decoding a clue. (You only have to play once to know how essential it is for an escape room to be “unbreakable!”)

escape room imagine escape games brown book titled gamemasters legacy laying on brick street

At Imagine Escape Games, expect high-quality games every time. A truly great escape room deserves a truly great story, and the husband and wife business duo behind Imagine Escape Games make great storytelling a priority as they personally design each room.

Don’t let a bad experience at a poor-quality escape room make you think that’s what they’re all like. Read up on reviews and awards for escape rooms near you, and chose one that does escape rooms justice!