“To end your evening a fun way and stimulate your brain a bit while having a great evening, try out one of the escape rooms in town. We suggest you try one of two. Imagine Escape Games is the highest rated escape room in Tampa and everything is super unique as it is designed, developed and built by a couple. Their games follow a connected storyline and it is really cool.”

This is what a leading global travel agency Flight Network had to say about Imagine Escape Games when they visited the area and compiled a list of the coolest and best things to do while in Tampa.

Flight Network writes blog posts about cities around the world and creates a list of what they believe visitors to these cities must not miss out on.
When they wrote about Tampa in the post “Sun and Fun in Tampa for 72 Hours”, they found the best accommodations, restaurants, bars and experiences that they think people need to check out. And Imagine Escape Games was included on this list.

We agree that trying an escape game is absolutely a thing to try out when you visit Tampa. You can lounge on the beach and see the city, but why not also include some brain stimulation and try out our awesome escape game.

As Flight Network mentions, all our designs are super unique which is also why we are so highly rated amongst escape games in the area. There is no doubt that you will have so much fun, and time will pass so fast you want to try it again and again.

So make sure to come visit on when you spend a vacation in Tampa. Bring your friends or the entire family and create some unforgettable memories at Imagine Escape Games!