A Family That Escapes Together…

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Escape Rooms


Families nowadays are glued to their phones. We see it all the time, it’s like any chance we get we want to whip out our phones play a game, text our friends, or update our social media. It’s not just kids either, parents have become just as bad.


One of our absolute favorite things we love seeing happen, is parents noticing their kids, and kids noticing their parents. We love seeing the interaction it forces within the family. When we first built Imagine Escape Games, we envisioned people of ALL ages being able to connect. I think that’s something really important that we’re missing in society today. Everything is very separated by age; kids play and talk with kid, adults talk and interact with adults. It’s very hard for them to talk to each other, on the same level, especially when they don’t understand each other.


Growing up, I was homeschooled. Home schools tend to group together, with a lot of other people of different ages and backgrounds. We had other families we would meet with whose ages ranged anywhere between five and fifteen years old. When you have such small communities, everyone gets involved. Both parents and children learned how to value one another. We learned how to work, learn and play together.


Society has this negative view that kids can’t contribute, they get in the way, they’re annoying, they slow down progress. We want our escape rooms to take away these misconceptions. We want everyone to notice that we all have different perspectives. We adults forget that often. In our escape rooms, kids constantly solve a lot of the things that the adults miss. We had a big family come in with a seven-year-old daughter. It was a pretty mixed group, with a lot of strong personalities. I was a little worried that the daughter would get overshadowed, which she was in the beginning. As time went one the seven-year-old was actually the one who was finding ALL of the clues. In the control room, I kept silently screaming “listen to the seven-year-old, listen to the seven-year-old!” When they finally they did they were able to advance a lot quicker.

There’s nothing like seeing a family figure out and escape a room together.