Yes, you read that correctly! You can soon play an escape room while at sea! Princess Cruise Line is capitalizing on the global success of escape rooms by featuring them onboard their two newest ships.

Both the Enchanted Princess and Sky Princess will include the “Phantom Bridge” escape room. Unlike traditional escape rooms, this digitally-enhanced escape room will be able to develop a unique storyline by reacting to the players’ gameplay. It’s in fact so enhanced that the single room can end in one of more than 700 potential outcomes. “Phantom Bridge” makes a clever use of the limited space onboard since players can return to the room without having the same experience. It’s also an ingenious design for a cruise ship since it should prevent players from sharing spoilers with other guests onboard! 

The press release from Princess Cruise Line refers to the “Phantom Bridge” as an “immersive” experience, but it’s doubtful that a high-tech room can still make a player feel like they’re in a culture or time period without modern technology. Hopefully the designers of the “Phantom Bridge” factored this into the potential storylines so that players can truly experience all the advantages of a digitally-enhanced environment.

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So while it’s great that you can soon play an escape room onboard a cruise ship, you don’t have to spend the cash or vacation days on a cruise to experience the adventure and addictive excitement of an escape room. Whether you live locally or want to make a fun summer day-trip, you can experience the same thrill and challenge by visiting our Tampa location!

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